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Understanding your Kia dashboard lights is crucial for safe driving, especially when navigating roads in Plainfield and other unknown territories. If you’ve spotted a new symbol on your Kia’s dashboard while cruising around, you’re likely dealing with Kia warning lights symbols. We at Bridgewater Kia have assembled a detailed glossary just for you.



With dozens of Kia dashboard lights, it can indeed be a bit daunting. While some, like the Kia TPMS light or the Kia check engine light, might be familiar to many, others might leave you scratching your head. Don’t worry; we’re here at Bridgewater Kia to help you decode each one. If you ascertain that your Kia needs servicing after noticing one of the Kia warning lights symbols, don’t hesitate to explore our Kia service specials and connect with our seasoned team in Bridgewater!

What Do Those Kia Warning Lights Symbols Indicate?

Differentiating between harmless notifications and serious warnings, especially in Manville, can be tricky. Some Kia dashboard lights might just be telling you that you’ve activated cruise control or that your headlights are on full beam. However, there are others you shouldn’t ignore.

For instance, if you notice an exclamation mark inside a triangle, it signifies that the Master Warning light is on. This could mean issues with systems like TPMS, washer fluid, or even the Blind spot detection feature. Sometimes, it’s as simple as your fuel cap being left open.

Here’s a brief rundown of some crucial lights:

  • Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light: This symbol is a reminder of the vitality of your car’s engine oil. When illuminated, it suggests your engine oil pressure is critically low, which could impair the engine’s lubrication. Delaying an oil change could precipitate significant engine complications.
  • Electric Power Steering (EPS) Warning Light: When this light shines, it hints at potential issues within your power steering system. Steering might become noticeably harder or uneven, necessitating prompt attention to ensure smooth driving.
  • Malfunction Indicator Lamp: Often recognized as the Kia check engine light, this illumination is an umbrella alert for various engine and system anomalies. If activated, it’s advisable to promptly consult a mechanic to pinpoint the underlying issue.
  • TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Indicator: A lit TPMS symbol signifies a deviation in tire pressure, typically a decrease. If the symbol blinks, it could indicate a malfunction in the monitoring system itself, affecting its accuracy.
  • Airbag Warning Light: Safety first! When you see this, it denotes a snag in the airbag deployment system. As airbags play a crucial role in safeguarding passengers during collisions, it’s paramount to address this without delay.
  • ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) Warning Light: A critical component in ensuring safe braking, the ABS prevents wheel lock-up. If this light comes on, your anti-lock brake system may be compromised, emphasizing the need for a thorough inspection.
  • Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light: Overheating is an engine’s nemesis. If this light stays illuminated, it suggests the engine’s temperature is soaring beyond safe limits. It’s recommended to pull over when safe and seek professional assistance, averting potential vehicular damage.

Connect with Bridgewater Kia for Professional Kia Service

For the drivers of Middlesex, understanding Kia warning lights symbols and deciphering the true emergencies behind Kia dashboard lights is vital. If you’re puzzled about your Kia check engine light or any other symbols, reach out to Bridgewater Kia. Our team in Bridgewater is dedicated to assisting you with all your queries. For further insights or to schedule a service, contact our service team. For more car care insights, delve into our collection of service and parts tips!

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