Silver-colored Kia Soul

Used Kia Soul Bridgewater, NJ

Us Bridgewater, NJ residents love our suburban lifestyle. There is plenty to do town and we are in close proximity to Philadelphia and New York City. When we venture over to these big cities and need to park someplace, we may need to resort to those giant, multi-level parking garages. Sometimes finding our vehicle in the parking lot at the local store can be a challenge, but a big parking garage is almost impossible if our vehicle looks like every other vehicle on the road. It always helps when our vehicle has unique design elements that will help it stand out in a crowd.

Out of all the vehicles available on the market, the one that stands out the most is definitely the Kia Soul with its blocky shape that can carry quite a bit of cargo for its subcompact size. A fun and unique vehicle like the Kia Soul can easily wear fun colors like a bright yellow or green, which will help it stand out even more!

As a subcompact crossover, the Kia Soul is easy to maneuver in heavy traffic and tight parking spaces (both parallel and traditional stalls). And it is really easy on gas so if you need to commute to NYC or Philly on a daily basis, your fuel budget will stay low.

Here at Bridgewater Kia, the Soul has been a customer favorite for more than a decade, so we do everything we can to have a few pre-owned models available in our inventory of used vehicles for anyone looking to save some money. And with the Soul being one of the most fun vehicles on the road, you can usually find awesome technology features in used options. This includes the UVO an infotainment system that allows you to enjoy your favorite audio preferences during your commute or road trip. 

When it comes to the Kia Soul, you get a top-notch quality product – even when you purchase a used model. Whenever we acquire a Kia Soul to add to our used inventory, we perform a thorough inspection to ensure your overall safety and satisfaction. 

If you are interested in a used Kia Soul, please visit us here at Bridgewater Kia today! And if you are looking for a Kia Soul that has specific features or comes in a preferred color, just let us know and we will help you find it. Thanks and we look forward to helping you drive away happy! 


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