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Turnkey Bankruptcy Return in Bridgewater, NJ

Many of us love playing a game of Monopoly with our family and friends, and we enjoy many laughs as we acquire the properties on the board – especially the coveted Park Place and Boardwalk. We may also tease whoever loses all their money, goes bankrupt, and retires from the game. 

While we may laugh and chant “Do not pass Go! Do not collect $200!” to our friends when they go bankrupt in a game of Monopoly, bankruptcy in real life is no laughing matter. Sometimes life gets a little crazy and we might lose a job, experience an expensive medical emergency, or discover that our spouse has been racking up a bunch of credit card debt and is going to leave us for someone else while taking everything we own. 

Even in the midst of filing for bankruptcy and struggling through the process with the bank and court, we try to continue on with life despite the gossip from our neighbors, coworkers, and peers. One way we do this is by continuing to drive our vehicle and going to work. But what happens if the court says that we need to give up our vehicle to the bank? 

As if the whispers and murmurs weren’t bad enough, having our vehicle repossessed by a tow truck that randomly shows up at our home or place of employment is quite humiliating. 

Here at Bridgewater Kia, we offer an easier and more discreet way of giving up your vehicle. Our dealership provides a special Turnkey Bankruptcy return service that allows you to bring your soon-to-be repossessed vehicle to us. Our friendly and non-judgmental employees will quietly work with you through the process, and we will handle the arrangements with your bank so you can avoid the harassing phone calls. 

After your bankruptcy filing has been completed and you need a different vehicle, we are also happy to help rebuild your credit and help you shop from our extensive inventory of new and used models – many of which come available with affordable monthly payments. 

To learn more about our Turnkey Bankruptcy Return services, please contact us here at Bridgewater Kia today.


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