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Kia Thermostat Repairs Bridgewater, NJ

As you are driving your Kia around town, have you noticed that it is running warmer than usual and that heat gauge is creeping closer to that danger zone? While this has been going on, is your CHECK ENGINE light illuminated? Both of these signs are a good indication that your Kia vehicle’s thermostat is malfunctioning. This is one of those problems that can’t be ignored or put off until later because you could risk overheating your engine (which will be VERY expensive to repair). 

If you suspect that your Kia vehicle’s thermostat is malfunctioning, then schedule a service appointment with us as soon as possible! Here at Bridgewater Kia, we do more than just sell you a new Kia vehicle. We are also here to help you out whenever problems arise thanks to our in-house service center. 

Our technicians are specially trained to know the architecture and personality of each Kia vehicle so that they can quickly pinpoint the problem and then fix it as soon as possible while maintaining our high standards in quality. 

When your Kia vehicle’s thermostat is malfunctioning, we will do what we can to fix and replace it if necessary. If a replacement or additional parts are needed, we have a full stock of Kia-certified parts so that you don’t need to stress out about shopping at an overwhelming and overpriced auto parts store. 

And we have the means to recycle or properly dispose of old and broken auto parts so we can do our part to keep the world clean. 

To learn more about thermostat repairs for your Kia vehicle, please contact us or visit us here at Bridgewater Kia today. We are located at 300 Finderne Avenue in Bridgewater. Thanks and we look forward to helping you keep your Kia happy and healthy! 



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