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Kia Battery Testing and Replacements Bridgewater, NJ

Here at Bridgewater Kia, we are excited for the weather to get good and cold and for the snow to start falling. There are so many things to enjoy about winter: sledding, skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and so much more! While that cold weather can be wonderful, we have our limits – and so does our Kia vehicle. 

Imagine going out to your Kia on any given day so you can go to work. It is 30 below...and you discover that your Kia won’t start up! You guessed it: the battery is dead! When was the last time you had the battery tested? Never? Oh boy! 

You can avoid a scenario like this from occurring by having your Kia model’s battery tested every so often at our dealership. We recommend doing this twice a year – the spring and fall seasons are the perfect times to have it done! If the juice level is getting low, we will be more than happy to take care of replacing it for you. 

While some drivers prefer testing and replacing their Kia batteries on their own, this is something that we do not recommend doing. It is not because we are looking for more work. We are just concerned for your safety and the safety of the environment. Acid from car batteries is extremely corrosive and it can cause serious injury if you touch it. There is always the possibility of leakage and if you leave the old battery in your garage and forget about it, that battery acid can be a hazard for your pets or the water table. 

Here at Bridgewater Kia, our professionals are specially trained to safely remove and replace car batteries – and we are able to properly recycle the old ones! 

To learn more about Kia battery testing and replacements, please contact our service department!



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