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Kia Interior Cleaning and Sanitation Bridgewater, NJ

One of the best things about a brand-new vehicle is how clean and pristine the interior is. The leather seating is plush and fresh, there are no scratches on the dash, and the steering wheel isn’t covered with sticky fingerprints. However, it doesn’t take long for the interior to get full of dirt, dust, and germs. Although Mama always said that “a little dirt never hurt no one”, it is a very good idea to clean and sanitize your Kia on a regular basis. 

Cleaning and sanitizing your Kia vehicle sounds easy enough. Just go to Target and pick up some cleaner, go home, and spray everything down. Easier said than done. When you go to Target and try to find the right cleaner, you discover that you have an overwhelming number of options. And if you read the labels, many of them will tell you not to use on wood, metal, or textiles. So you end up leaving without the cleaner but manage to pick up a new book, puzzle, movie, mug, and desk toy that you just couldn’t pass up. 

While we are always game for a Target run, we are more than happy to save you the headache of shopping for the perfect cleaners by offering cleaning and sanitation services right here at our dealership. Our technicians us high-quality yet gentle cleaning solutions recommended by Kia to get all interior surfaces in your vehicle clean and germ-free. They will also get into all the nooks and crannies to ensure dirt build-up does not cause problems with the performance of your Kia. 

Speaking of performance, our technicians can also provide a thorough inspection of your vehicle to ensure that everything is in working order and that you continue to enjoy a dependable ride. 

To learn more, please contact us here at Bridgewater Kia today! 


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