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Financing Options

Folks with low credit know that it can be difficult to secure loans for larger purchases, like buying a car. Whether you forgot to pay some bills, have staggering student loans, or lack credit altogether, there are many reasons why your credit score can hinder your ability to buy a car. Here at Bridgewater Kia, we understand that building credit can be difficult, and that there are situations outside of your control that impact your credit, which is why we make every effort to work with you when you are searching for a new-to-you vehicle to help you get approved.

Our in-house financing department can be of service if you have a bad credit score. Once you find the vehicle you want, let us help you! Our financing specialists have experience with a variety of financial institutions in the area to help get approval for all credit levels. If you want to get pre-approved, we have a secure online credit application that you can fill out to ensure that you can get approval before you start the car-shopping process.

Tips to help rebuild credit

When your credit score is low, that can impact your ability to live a happy life. It impacts your ability to buy a house, rent an apartment, buy or lease a car, and so many more things that affect your quality of life. Here are some tips to help you rebuild your credit!

  • Figure out what is lowering your credit score.
  • Clear past due payments.
  • Pay back overdue debts and loans.
  • Keep a budget to stay on track with payments.
  • Use a secure credit card that you pay off each month.
  • Make payments on time every month.
  • Try to avoid closing credit accounts, as a longer history can improve your credit score.

Our professional staff at Bridgewater Kia is here to help you find the vehicle that fits your needs and budget, no matter what your credit score is. Come on in to the dealership today!

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