2020 Kia Niro Bridgewater, NJ

2020 Kia Niro red side view

In 2020, we find ourselves on the go more than ever before between commuting to work, picking up the kids from after-school activities, and adventuring on the weekends. This means we need a vehicle that will keep up with us while staying easy on fuel. Luckily, we have the perfect vehicle for you: the 2020 Kia Niro! This hybrid crossover is classified as a subcompact model, but it offers an incredible amount of interior space that can accommodate tall passengers and plenty of gear for your next adventure!

2020 Kia Niro Engine Performance

One of the best things about the 2020 Kia Niro is that you get to enjoy awesome performance that makes the crossover fun to drive while going farther with fewer fill-ups along the way. The specifications for the 2020 Kia Niro engine system are as follows:

  • 1.6L 4-cylinder engine with Full Parallel Hybrid System 
  • 104 horsepower @5,700 rpm / 109 lb-ft @4,000 rpm engine output 
  • AC Synchronous Permanent Magnet Motor 
  • 43 horsepower @1,800 to 2,500 rpm / 125 lb-ft @0 to 1,800 rpm motor output 
  • 240-volt Lithium Ion Polymer hybrid battery (6.5 Ah) 
  • 139 horsepower @5,700 rpm / 195 lb-ft @4,000 rpm combined output 
  • 52 mpg-city / 49 mpg-highway estimated fuel economy 
  • 11.9-gallon fuel tank capacity 

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Spacious Cargo Area

The 2020 Kia Niro offers a 19.4 / 54.5-cubic foot cargo space that can easily carry your gear for a kayaking excursion or bring home that awesome find from the flea market!

Modern Technology

Standard tech features for the 2020 Kia Niro include a touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility, Bluetooth, power outlets, and so much more!


You get a lot of bang for your buck with the 2020 Kia Niro! Pricing for the crossover ranges between $24,590 and $32,790 (starting) across five different trim levels.