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Cjettago 02 Jan 2015
My first new car where no games were played. It was hassle free and friendly. I stopped in mid December and came back the Saturday after Christmas. No calls or emails between. I was happy for that. Betsie was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I recommend Kemper and Betsie for your KIA Show more
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3alero3 28 Nov 2010
I own a 2004 Oldsmobile Alero. I have always taken the car for service at Kemper since Fennessey Buick went out of business. I trusted them to service anything that should be done at the time - tires, plugs, oil change, etc. However, my car began to buck and the service light came on at 41,000 mi...les. I called Joe, he told me to bring it in as soon as possible. I had it there the next morning at 7am. When I drove there, the light never came on again so, they sent me home, thinking it was a fluke. I had mentioned the bucking before at my regular service checkup. "hardly think it could be transmission at that mileage"-- so, I went on my merry way only to encounter a problem again on a long stretch from PA to Jersey. This time, the bucking and the light remained on forever. Since it was a Saturday and I had to get to work on Monday I took it for service at a Goodyear service that is opened on Sunday. They had to keep it overnight to really find out what was wrong. Unfortunately for me, my electric system from the ORIGINAL (2004) ignition wires, Ignition modual, Ignition coils, crank senson, etc. had to be replaced. My bill was absorbent. They saved me the parts for any proof necessary. My plugs had the 2004 tag on them. How could this be an oversight on a 7 year old car. I trusted your dealership. Believe me I will tell anyone I know who goes to Kemper my very expense story and will never, ever, come back again. Kemper has been around a long time, my son's first car was a used Pontiac. It started in any kind of weather and he loved it. I trusted --- never, ever again. A copy of this letter will be sent to the CEO. Show more
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