2021 Kia Soul driving down a road

What Safety Features are Available on the 2021 Kia Soul?

2021 Kia Soul Designed with Safety in Mind 

As we search for our next new vehicle, there are many things to keep in mind. Beyond having adequate passenger and cargo space, the safety features on a vehicle are usually on the forefront of our mind. The 2021 Kia Soul was designed with various safety and driver assistance features that make this vehicle a favorite. If safety is what you are looking for, you have come to the right vehicle. 

Safety Features Available on 2021 Kia Soul 

The 2021 Kia Soul features an Iso-Structure™ that is made of high-strength steel for rigidity. The manufacturing of the vehicle further reinforces the body integrity. The 2021 Soul also features a Traction Control System, Electronic Stability Control, and Vehicle Stability Management. These are designed to help you maintain control of your 2021 Soul when driving conditions are not favorable. 

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2021 Soul Offers Drive Assistance Features 

When it comes to driver assistance features, the 2021 Kia Soul is loaded. The Smart Cruise Control feature is designed to keep a preset distance from the vehicle in front of you when using cruise control. Your 2021 Soul will automatically decelerate or accelerate depending on the preset speed and distance. 

Interior front row of 2021 Kia Soul

Forward-Collision Avoidance Assist helps you avoid collisions by alerting you to possible threats. Your 2021 Soul can automatically apply emergency brakes, if needed.  

The 2021 Kia Soul utilizes radar technology to detect vehicles in your blind spot. You will be alerted visually and audibly when this occurs. 

Lane Keeping Assist can detect when your 2021 Soul veers from the lane of travel. A visual and audio alert will be given. If a correction is not made, your vehicle will gently steer you back into the lane. 

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Technology Features Help You Stay Safe 

The 2021 Kia Soul has an in-vehicle notification center that will inform you of possible issues. If your tire pressure is low or your 2021 Soul needs an oil change, your notification center will let you know. With the 911 Contact and Roadside Assistance feature, your 2021 Soul will automatically call 911 if the airbags deploy. For non-emergency issues, roadside assistance can be reached using this feature.