Woman drinking champagne during the holiday season

Please Remember to Not Drink and Drive This Holiday Season!

The holiday season is full of parties where the spiked punch, champagne, and liquor flows freely. It might be fun and you might think that all that alcohol is the best way to cope with your crazy relatives who only ever seem to ask you if you have a boyfriend yet and then ignore you otherwise. However, that alcohol can be extremely dangerous if you get behind the wheel. Here in the United States – especially in New Jersey – we hear about so many drunk driving accidents and we don’t want you to become another statistic. Luckily, we have some tips to help you out this holiday season.

Don’t go to the party just for the free booze – if you really truly don’t want to be around the relatives and feel that consuming vast amounts of alcohol is the only way to get through the party, it is totally okay to RSVP “no”. And it is fine to enjoy a couple of drinks in the comfort of your own home as long as you don’t plan to drive anywhere.

Make sure to eat – you know what they say, drinking on an empty stomach will only make you feel the effects even more, and it might make you ill.

Don’t drive after consuming alcohol – even if you only have one drink, driving can be dangerous.

Use a designated driver – find a friend to help you out, or else hire an Uber or taxi service.

From all of us here at Bridgewater Kia, please have a wonderful yet responsible holiday season!

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